Waterloo, IA Paul Davis Dry Goods Store Fire, Jan 1914

One of the most disastrous fires in the history of Waterloo occurred at an early hour Monday morning when the large drygoods store of Paul Davis burned, entailing a loss of $325,000, the stock estimate being $200,000 for Mr. Davis and $125,000 for the Russell-Lamson block, were it was located. The smoke and flames were so fierce that the fire companies were unable to cope with them for a time and it was thought neighboring cities would have to be called on for assistance. However, adjacent property was saved and now were once was flourishing business and a handsome block only the grim dark walls are left to tell the story.

According to the reports there was $135,000 insurance on the stock and $100,000 insurance on the building. Office rooms, etc., on the third and fourth floors suffered total loss amounting to several thousand dollars.

Mr. Davis was one of the cool heads bout the fire and said he was very thankful it all happened before the army of clerks had arrived to be imperiled in the catastrophy.

The Iowa Recorder, Greene, IA 28 Jan 1914