Thornton, IA Fire, Mar 1908


Property Loss At Thornton Is Seventy Thousand.

Thornton, - Thornton was almost wiped from the map by fire on the 11th. Seven business blocks, almost the entire business section of the city were destroyed. The property loss is about $70,000, with $12,000 insurance.

The fire originated in a bowling alley, where the flames were first noticed about 2 o’clock a. m. The alarm was given promptly. Thornton has no fire fighting apparatus and the flames were soon beyond control. The structures were all of frame construction and the flames spread rapidly from one to another. The buildings were so quickly consumed that it was impossible to remove the stocks of goods and they were almost entirely consumed.

The losers in the fire are:
W. H. Parish, barber shop and billiard hall; George Dart, bowling alley; J. A. Andrews, meat Market; J. W. Braga, restaurant; Perry Bailey, general merchandise; Englebreison & Son, general merchandise; Dr. Hunter, physician’s office.

The Humeston New Era, Humeston, IA 18 Mar 1908