Hepburn, IA Shanty Fire, Dec 1908


GEORGE and HENRY DYKE Victims of Fire at Minburn. [sic]

While asleep in the little hermit shanty at Hepburn, Ia., two aged twin brothers George and Henry Dyke, were burned to death. Their shanty was discovered in flames by a rural carrier, and he made an effort to get into the shack but he could not and before help could arrive, the little structure was burned to the ground. Amid the ashes were found the charred remains of two old me. It is believed that the structure caught fire from a over heated stove. These [sic]

They came from one of the best know families in Page county. Their father, Alex Dyke was one of the earliest pioneers. He had a large farm on the Nodaway river and he built the first bridge over that stream, which was a famous crossing place for many years. The other sons are honored citizens ad prosperous, but these two twin brothers from young up were not altogether right mentally and in middle age they displayed eccentricities that soon drew them apart from other men ad they became hermits ad wanderers. Sometimes they lived together in some old dugout or deserted shanty, sometimes they lived apart. They rejected every effort of relatives to get them into good homes, and insisted on existing in their own way.

The Humeston New Era, Humeston, IA 16 Dec 1908