Greene, IA F. W. Vick Hardware Store Fire, July 1904

The building occupied by F. W. Vick as a hardware store was partially destroyed by fire last Friday afternoon. About four o'clock in the afternoon a fire was discovered in the small building back of Mr. Vick's store used as a tool room and storage room for gasoline, but he was fortunate in having no gasoline on hand at the time. The fire company responded promptly when the alarm was sounded and were at work in a few minutes. There was a good supply of water in the tank and the company soon had the hose doing effective work from three of the hydrants as well as the hand pump. Through some error the water was shut off near the tank for a short time which gave the fire a new start. It was feared the fire could not be gotten under control and the entire stock of hardware was removed from the main building and the household goods from the upper story. By five o'clock the fire was extinguished and many of the willing workers assisted Mr. Vick in placing the stock of goods in the old opera house owned by Mr. Hunter. The household goods were removed to the building recently occupied by Mrs. VanIngen as a millinery store. Mr. Vick carried $500.00 insurance on the building which will probably place the building in as good shape as it was before. The lower story is damaged but little. The necessary repairs will be a new roof and a complete overhauling of the upper story. He carried no insurance on his household goods and the greatest loss will be the breakage in the removing. A piano was badly broken in an unsuccessful attempt at removal and badly water soaked afterwards. He carried a five hundred dollar policy on the stock and the principal loss here will be the tools and the gasoline engine in the building in which the fire originated. The tools were invoiced at $500.00 about two years ago and the engine is valued at $175.00. The fire is supposed to have been started by children playing in the repair shop.

The Iowa Recorder, Greene, IA 6 July 1904