Preston, IA Tornado, May 1898

Near Preston. A telegram to the Herald states that Chas. Flory, wife and two children, living south of Preston, were killed and one child could not be found. ...

From Preston. A cyclone, terrible in its work of destruction and death, passed one and one half miles south of own, about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. The extent of the damage cannot be fully estimated at the present. The entire family Chas. Flora, consisting of himself. wife and three small children are killed. The farm buildings along the track of the storm are totally destroyed, A few are as follows: The building of Ed Cain, Wm. Brown. T. A. Hunter, Carl Yaduff, H. L. Bascomb, Thos. Elliott, the buildings on these and many other farms, are either totally or partially destroyed. The scene beggers description, buildings, farm implements, stock and every imaginable debris are scattered in all directions.

....A correct list of the dead as far as reported:

-Near Preston
Charles Flora, wife and three children

Clinton Daily Herald , Clinton, IA 19 May 1898


Near Preston, Ia, more buildings were destroyed than in any other locality.

Wind swirled trough the little village with frightful velocity, leaving scarcely a house standing. Five persons lost their lives here. Charles Flora, with his wife and three children, had their home torn to pieces and were crushed to death under the falling walls.

Lima Daily Times, Lima, OH, 19 May 1898


Dubuque., Ia., May 18.--A cyclone struck Preston, Iowa this afternoon destroying most of the buildings in the town. Charles F. Floy, his wife and children were killed. William O'Meara is said to been killed at Quigley and Mike Hanes at Charlotte.

The Arizona Republican, Phoenix, AZ, 19 May 1898


Charles Breen and wife and three children were killed at Preston, Iowa.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 19 May 1898


....list of the dead: Preston, Iowa -- Bush, Charles and family; Rugg, entire family.

Decatur Weekly Republican, Decatur, IL, 26 May 1898