Postville, IA Tornado, Jun 1915


A tornado struck this community about five o'clock Saturday night, causing thousands of dollars loss to property, injuring a number of people hereabouts and killing two people in Franklin township and nine others across the Mississippi near Ferryville, Wis. Coming from the southwest, the storm struck the farms of Fred Williams, F.H. Brandt, Herman Plaht, Wm. Miene Arthur Gass, Mrs. J. Schmidt, John Ruckdaschel, George Welzel, Carl C. Schroeder, Wm. Harris and Frank Tuller. Heaviest damage was done on the Welzel, Schroeder and Harris farms; and on the latter place only two small sheds remained standing after the storm had passed. The storm rose after leaving the Tuller farm, but descended again in Ludlow and near Rossville, at which latter place John Leppert, 40, and his six year old daughter were killed. Near Gunder and Frankville much damage was also done to farm buildings. On Sunday many local people went into the country to help clear away the debris at the stricken farms.

Iowa Volksblatt, Postville, Iowa 18 Jun 1915


Wm. Harris was paid $400 for the barn destroyed by the cyclone. None of the other buildings were insured. Carl Schoreder was paid $1606; George Welzel, $300; Joe McDonald, $11.00; and George A. Waters, $1350. Local individuals and societies are raising money, clothing and furniture for the Martin Olson family who suffered heavily when the storm struck their home on the Harris farm.

Iowa Volksblatt, Postville, Iowa 25 Jun 1915