Onawa, IA Tornado, Apr 1899

One Dead, A Dozen Injured

A terrific wind storm, followed by rain and hail, struck Onawa and vicinity Thursday of last week. Leslie Furne, 18 years, was killed and a dozen persons injured, three fatally. Everything in the path of the storm was wiped off the face of the earth, trees being town up by the roots and buildings scattered to the four winds of the heaven.

The Chief Reporter, Perry, IA 4 May 1899


Torn to Pieces.

Onawa, Ia, April 28.--A tornado struck this section of the country, sweeping everything before it. One and a half inch of rainfall and a heavy rainstorm lasting 12 minutes accompanied the tornado. Leslie Furne, 10, was killed, and a dozen seriously injured. The storm was the worst at the home of George Furne. The family had gone to bed when they were awakened by a terrific noise. The house had lifted bodily from its foundation and torn to pieces. The boy Leslie was found dead 60 feet away.

The Sandusky Star, Sandusky, OH 28 Apr 1889