Sioux City, IA Storm & Lightning, May 1903


Man Dies Instantly -- Young Woman is Severely Injured.

Sioux City, May 25 - - Harvey Scott, a lineman for the Iowa Telephone company, was killed instantly here Saturday morning by contact with a telephone wire which was crossed with an electric light wire. Pearl Godfrey, a 9-year-old girl had touched the wire, which was on the sidewalk, and was knocked down and badly burned. She may die.

Daily Iowa State Press, Iowa City, Iowa, 25 May 1903


Storm in the Northwest.

Sioux City, May 25.-- Reports from Onawa, Silbey and a dozen other places in Northwest Iowa tell of the widespread damage done by the wind. Wind mills, trees, barns and several houses were leveled and some live stock was killed. Another inch of rain fel [sic]. and there was reports of impassable roads, serious interference with business in smaller towns, and much damage from high water and deserted crops. Some farmers have panted their corn as many as three times already and they have found it washed out again. The wind left Sioux City practically without telegraph connection east and sough and telephonic service is crippled. In the city Pearl Godfrey came in contact with a live wire, prostrated by the wind, and Harvey Scott, a lineman was killed while rescuing her. The girl was badly burned.

Decatur Herald, Decatur, Illinois, 24 May 1903