McGregor, IA Storm, May 1902


Thrilling Escapes and one Death at McGregor.

McGregor, May 20. -- A terrific electrical storm passed over the city caused a loss of $50,000. Lightning struck the jewelry store of S. C. Frese and it, together with the Metropolitan saloon and billiard hall, was demolished. Eleven men in the saloon at the time rushed out the door as the building quivered and saved their lives. Peter Lux, a fireman, asleep on a billiard table, went down with the building, but half an hour afterward crawled out from under the debris unhurt save few slight scratches.
The collapse of the C. I. Lewis building resulted in one death and four injured. Blocks and planks were floating away and nearly all the basements and cellars in the business portion of town were flooded with mud and water. A score of business houses are covered with a coating of mud several inches in thickness on the first floor

Daily Iowa State Press, Iowa City, IA 21 May 1902


Storm Wrecks Buildings.

McGregor, Ia., May 19.-- Three brick buildings were wrecked by a terrific electrical storm that swept over McGregor, accompanied by a heavy downpour of rain. Lightning struck the three buildings occupied by Freze's jewelry store, the Metropolitan saloon and a billiard hall and all collapsed. Four men were hurt, but not severely. Sewers were washed out by the flood. The property loss is fully $10,000.

The Iowa Recorder, Greene, IA 20 May 1902