Fairbank, IA Storm Aug 1898

On Tuesday afternoon, August 16, 1898, a disastrous storm visited the northern part of the county. It was one of the most destructive in years. No lives were lost but the wind and hail combined destroyed a large amount of property. Local showers of short duration had been experienced for a week preceding the storm. This storm, in its intensity and whirling propensities, reached the proportions of a cyclone. The storm varied in different sections and had no well defined course, but fell hardest in the vicinity of Fairbank. No particular damage was done in the Town of Fairbank but throughout the country in that vicinity farm property and the crops were badly demolished. In the grove north of Fairbank, the track of the storm was clearly defined by a space a couple of rods wide extending through its entire length where the trees were blown down. On either side of this path they were not injured to any extent.

History of Buchanan County, Iowa and Its People,1914, pages 322-323. Read this book on line at ancestry.com