Adel, IA Storm, May 1903

Cloudburst at Adel

Adel, May 27 - There was virtually a cloud burst here last evening when five inches of rain fell within one and one-half hours. The streets were streams of water and people were drive from them because of the deep water. Cellars of business houses and residences are filled with water, seven or eight lengths of rail have been washed from the railroad tracks and crops for a territory within a five mile radius have been washed from the ground. It was impossible for people to cross the streets as the water was four and five feet deep. Sidewalks were covered and much damage was done by the water flowing into the cellars. Because of the track being washed away it is estimated that it will be nearly two days before a train can run through the city. In some of the lower parts of the city people are being forced to leave their homes because of the water. Telephone messages from all over the country within a radius of five miles are to the effect that crops are ruined by being completely washed from the ground by the heavy down pour of rain which swept across the country.

Ottumwa Daily Courier, Ottumwa, IA 27 May 1903