Storm Lake, IA Fireworks Accident, Jul 1948

Aerial Bomb Blast Fatal To Student

Miss. Harriett Currie, 18, of Schaller, Ia., who completed her freshman year as a Rockford College student last month, was killed Sunday night when part of an aerial bomb exploded in her face during a fireworks display at Storm Lake, Ia.

An Associated Press dispatch from Storm Lake said the aerial bomb went out of control while Miss Currie was seated in a crowd watching the fireworks display. Most of her face was torn off by the explosion.

The bomb set off about 12:30 a.m. shot back into the crowd. A piece of it hit Miss Currie in the face and exploded.

She was taken to a Storm Lake hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The fireworks display was being held in a summer colony a the east end of the lake.

Miss Currie, who was considered an outstanding member of last year’s freshman class on the Rockford college campus, was a member of the college choir and Glee club and appeared in the freshman class show, “Beg Your Pardon”

She had planned to return here in the fall for her sophomore year of college.

Morning Star, Rockford, IL 6 Jul 1948