Sioux City, IA Auto Wreck, Sept 1922


Business Man of Sioux City and Companion Killed.

SIOUX CITY, Ia., Sept. 1.--T. A. Johnson, manager of the Sioux City branch of the Guardian Life Insurance company and M. Milner, who was employed by Mr. Johnson, were killed late this afternoon when an automobile in which they were riding plunged over a fiffty[sic]-foot embankment into a creek about five miles north of the city. The bodies were discovered by John Kimball, a farmer. Noticing that automobile tracks left the road near the creek, Kimball investigated. He discovered the car imbedded in the mud at the bottom of the draw. Both of the men were pinned beneath the wreckage and were dead when found.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 2 Sept 1922