Cedar Rapids, IA to Albany, IL Tornado, June 1860

In Eden township, the town west of Camanche, four were killed.
In the town of Albany, Ill., directly opposite Camanche is the same waste and destruction that was found everywhere the tornado passed. 6 were killed and 40 wounded.
The citizens of Lyons, Clinton and Fulton were doing all in their power to aid the sufferers, bury the dead, feed and clothe the naked, and with commendable success. The Lyons ferry company run the steamer Queen City from the above towns to Albany and Camanche, and placed the fare at 25 cents, the entire proceeds of which went to aid the sufferers. MILO SMITH, with that same liberality that has always characterized his life, run hourly trains all day Monday and Tuesday from Clinton to Camanche, the proceeds of which went to the sufferers.
From Albany the storm passed near the towns of Morrison, Sterling, Amboy and Dixon, making the same and havoc that it did on this side of the river, and, as near as we could ascertain, about 50 lives were lost and over 60 very severely injured.
By refering elsewhere it will be seen that our citizens are endeavoring to raise means to assist the unfortunate in our own midst, and if possible, extend our aid to others along the line of the tornado. We can assure our citizens from actual observation, that they need have no fears but what the sufferers will need all we can give them, and we fear much more. Anything that the sufferers can eat, drink, or wear, will not come amiss at this hour. Many, very many of the sufferers have not a change of anything, and in some places there were not rags enough found to bind up the wounds of the wounded. Bed clothes, beddings, furniture, and everything is needed. Remember that he that giveth at this time, shall not want hereafter.
The dam at Bertram was carried away by the freshet, for the third time this season.
Fron Vinton we learn that nothing of the storm was known there. There is every reason for believing that the source of the tornado was about 9 miles north west of this city, about half way between Palo and Marion.
A letter from Franklin Grove, Ill., states that the tornado passed over Lee Center about ten o'clock at night, killing five persons and injuring forty very badly.
We are informed by JOSEPH W. CHURCHILL, Esq., of Davenport, who came upon the Vinton stage, last evening that the tornado seemed to gather its first strength in the Northern part of Tama County. Our informant was at a hamlet about four miles Southwest of West Union, upon Sunday afternoon. He describes the gathering of the clouds in separate masses with fearful outlines, and their opponent concussion and mingling together in one rolling, sweeping mass, with the accompanying terrific thunder and lightening as resembling a set battle and charge armory, and spirits of the air. The storm was at its height at about four o'clock, and did much damage, several houses being swept away. So far as heard from no lives were lost in that locality, although several persons were injured.

Cedar Valley Times Cedar Rapids Iowa 1860-06-07