Cedar Rapids, IA to Albany, IL Tornado, June 1860

At Lisbon, 3 warehouses, GOODRICH'S eating house, two dwellings, ten cars and two lumber yards, are all stove as fine as kindling wood. One car bed was carried more than 80 rods into a field of oats. The warehouses belonged to MESSRS. ARCHER and RABENUA & PFAUTZ, and the Railroad Company. They contained about 1,500 bushels of grain, none of which was saved. The loss cannot be less than $15,000, the Railroad being the heaviest loser. All along the line of the road for about 3 miles, barns were unroofed and fences torn down. From Lisbon the tornado took a north-east course, passing two miles north of Mechanicsville.
East of Lisbon we learn that a MR. PIPER was injured, and two of his children killed; MR. LATIMORE and family injured; W. ANDEE and wife missing, probably killed; five killed in MR. OLDEN'S family. West of the Cedar from Mt. Vernon five persons are reported killed.
At Mechanicsville 9 persons are already dead and 19 injured -- 2 fatally. 6 were buried yesterday, 3 buried today. 8 buildings were demolished; 5 in one family killed. The tornado passed about on the line of Cedar and Jones Counties. 14 head of horses and cattle lie dead on about five acres space.
At Onion Grove, 2 men were instantly killed. 2 women and 2 children cannot live till another sun. The loss of stock is immense. MR. FRINK lost every living animal he had on his farm. The tornado passed about 2 miles north of Onion Grove village. Only one building at the station was blown down that of MR. FISH'S. But where the track of the tornado was, there is not a house or hamlet left standing.
The tornado, when 36 miles east of Cedar Rapids, was about half a mile wide and its course still directly eastward.
At Loudon the storm passed 6 miles north. 5 dwellings demolished, but no one seriously hurt. 5 miles south, 3 houses were destroyed and 4 persons mortally injured. The storm seems to have divided here.
At Wheatland or Yankee Run, MR. BLAZER'S wife and 3 children were badly injured. 2 dwellings 4 miles south, and 10 dwellings 2 miles north were demolished and several injured -- none fatally. Of MR. BLAZER'S house, the lower floor has not yet been found. The citizens of Wheatland have raised $75 for the sufferers at Camanche.
About 3 miles north of Calamus all the dwellings are destroyed, but no lives are lost, though some persons are badly hurt.
At De Witt, 26 are dead, and about 40 wounded -- 15 fatally. The tornado crossed the railroad about 3 miles west of that place. 6 were killed out of a family of 7 persons. 11 were killed in 3 houses.
Between De Witt and Camanche there is not a single building left standing along the track of the tornado. 76 head of cattle and horses were buried on Tuesday and as many more were left dead on the prairies. Trees are completely stripped and look like peeled poles, the tops being entirely gone.

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