Eagle Grove, IA Grain Elevator Blast, Dec 1969


Eagle Grove, Iowa (Courier News Service) -- Three Eagle Grove men were hospitalized with injuries received from an explosion and fire at the Boone Valley Cooperative Plant here at 5:10 a.m. Wednesday.
CLARENCE CROVISIER received burns over 100 per cent of his body and is in critical condition in a Fort Dodge hospital. Others taken to the hospital were ROBERT EGESDAL, 20, whos received burns on his hands and face and is reported to be in good condition, and RUBEN ERLAND, who received injuries and burns.
According to authorities, the fire resulted from a dust explosion in the plant where the three men were working. CROVISIER was buried in debris from the explosion, according to Eagle Grove firemen who were called to the scene.
Damage to the plant, which consists of a warehouse and an elevator, was estimated to be several hundred thousand dollars. The plant was completely gutted by the fire.

Waterloo Daily Courier Iowa 1969-12-17