Iowa City, IA Boat Accident and Drowning, Jul 1921


Willard Lodgan (sic) Returns From Council Bluffs Where Brother Drowned

Willard Logan has returned from Council Bluffs, Ia., where he went to assist in the search for the body of his brother, Lacey Logan, who was drowned in the Mississippi river near the Iowa city. The search was unsuccessful.

The boat in which Mr. Logan, who was an engineer for the Illinois Central railroad was found lodged in some driftwood, on the Iowa bank, and a search for the body in this vicinity was made but without avail. There is considerable quick sand in the vicinity of the driftwood, and it is feared the body is in this. Guards have been placed near the spot, and the railroad company intends to clear out the driftwood and dredge the quicksand.

At the time he met his death Mr. Logan was taking soundings, and it is supposed that in doing this he became overbalanced and upset his boat.

Logansport Morning Press, Logansport, IN 8 Jul 1921