Guttenberg, IA Train Derails, Oct 1934

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Guttenberg, Iowa, Oct. 11. -- (AP) -- Four persons were killed and 14 injured, eight seriously, when a local Milwaukee passenger train leaped the rails and plunged into a creek bed 14 feet below early today.
The dead:
CHARLES STRAZINSKY, 66, engineer, of Dubuque, Iowa.
FRANK MANN, 55, fireman, of Dubuque.
MR. and MRS. WALTER RUPRECHT, passengers, of Dubuque.
Those seriously injured:
GEORGE MESSLING, brakeman, McGregor, Iowa, arm and shoulder crushed when he jumped.
FRANK MERWYN, conductor, Lacrosse, Wis., legs broken and head hurt in leap onto stones.
HARRY NICHOLSON, mail clerk, Bellevue, Iowa, head and hands crushed.
SAMUEL HESS, express messenger, Dubuque, possible internal hurts.
MRS. WILLIAM RIDDLE, Dubuque, chest crushed and internal injuries.
CLAYTUS NELSON, Dubuque, back injury and face lacerated.
WILLIAM E. UEHR, 18, Buena Vista, Iowa, student, arms broken.
LAWRENCE SAYLOR, 17, Buena Vista, neck and jaw injured.
Other passengers hurt included:
EVELYN VAN HORN, 16, Buena Vista, broken collarbone.
her brother, MARION, 16, lacerated by glass.
LOUISE SAYLOR, 15, Buena Vista, head cuts.
GEORGE DEAN, 15, Buena Vista, bruised and cut.
WILLARD CHRIST, 14, Turkey River, nose lacerated.
All are high school students who ride daily to classes in Guttenberg.
A. DAILEY of Dubuque was also slightly injured.
The engineer and fireman rode the engine to their death as it ploughed off the track and rolled 200 feet before dropping into the ditch and overturning. The engine boiler exploded, tearing apart from the cab and scalding the engineer beyond recognition. The fireman was pinioned in his cab and burned.
Riding in the one day coach that made up the train with a combination baggage and mail car, MR. and MRS. RUPRECHT were crushed and the woman was decapitated.
The accident happened as the train rounded a curve at 7:25 a.m., enroute to Guttenburg, where it was due at 7:13 a.m. Members of the crew said the engine lunged away from the track while the tender snapped loosed and imbedded itself in the right-of-way. The two cars continued ahead and piled onto their side near the engine. Both were old-fashioned wood cars and splintered into complete wreckage.
The brakeman and conductor attempted to leap to safety as the coach left the track, but they landed in stone piles along the right-of-way. The rest were trapped in the cars and in the coach passengers were hurled forward in the car as the rear end whipped into the air.
The injured were dragged from the wreck and treated at the scene by those not hurt and Drs. A. E. Beyer, E. B. Rohmberg and William Palmer, who rushed from Guttenberg. Nearby farmers assisted in first aid until arrival of ambulances and surgeons from Dubuque, 33 miles southeast.
Milwaukee railroad officials began an immediate investigation to determine causes for the wreck, but said the track was so badly torn for 30 feet where the engine left the rails that it could not be determined if the rail was damaged before the accident.
Bodies of the victims were not removed during the morning awaiting action of Clayton County Coroner Leslie Oelke.

Daily Globe Ironwood Michigan 1934-10-11