Edgerton, MN Town Fire, Oct 1901

FIRE LOSS $50,000.


Pipestone, Minn., Sept. 28. -- Fire at Edgerton Monday night caused a loss of $150,000. It started from a gasoline lamp explosion, and 225 feet on the west side of the business street is burned.
The lamp exploded in the store of HOWARD & HAAMAN and burning oil was scattered all over the premises. Nothing could be done to stop the flames here, and they soon spread to adjoining properties on either side.
The Hotel Edgerton, owned by HOWARD & KOOFMAN, was in the path of the fire and was destroyed; also MRS. GORMAN'S millinery store, WILLIAM STOTT'S harness shop, MILLER'S jewelry store and a livery barn.
ED STOTT'S barber shop was pulled down to check the fire and the loss would have been heavier but for this procedure. A high wind scattered fire brands and it appeared at times as though the entire town was doomed.
The loss is partly covered by insurance. No time will be lost by the sufferers in getting into winter quarters and continuing business.

The Milford Mail Iowa 1901-10-03