Terre Haute, IN Train Wreck, Sept 1910


Passenger Train and Extra Freight Crash Near Terre Haute – Confusion of Orders Possible Cause.

TERRE HAUTE, Ind., Sept. 23. – Northbound Southern Indiana passenger train No. 204 collided with an extra freight one mile south of Terre Haute tonight. JOHN CORNUTT, engineer on the passenger train, was fatally injured. Four others were seriously and a dozen painfully injured. It is said the wreck was due to a confusion of orders.

Besides Cornutt, who was crushed and scalded, the most seriously injured are:

C.W. BOHLING, fireman, internal injuries.

JESSE HAMMOND, car repairer, internal injuries.

WILLIAM BROWHILE, track worker, skull fractured.

I. CARPENTER, car repairer, crushed internally.

The seriously injured were brought to St. Anthony’s Hospital here, while others who needed little attention went to their homes.

Prof. W.A. McBeth of the Indiana State Normal School was caught in the wreckage of the passenger train, but escaped with a bruised leg.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 24 Sept 1910



Engineer and Car Repairer Succumb to Injuries Received Near Terre Haute.

TERRE HAUTE, Ind., Sept. 25 – John Cornutt, engineer, and William Burkebyle, car repairer, died in St. Anthony’s Hospital today as a result of injuries sustained in the wreck of a Southern Indiana passenger train south of Terre Haute Friday. Physicians said the other victims of the collision would recover. Coroner Leavitt will begin his investigation of the cause of the wreck tomorrow.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 26 Sept 1910