Kingsbury, IN Train Collision, Sept 1893



Kingsbury, Ind., Sept. 22 -- Eleven persons lost their lives in a collision between a freight train and the Toronto and Montreal express on the Wabash railroad at this station at 5:30 o'clock in the morning. A score of others were injured, many of whom will die. The freight was on a siding west of the depot and was bound east. The first section of the express train passed by on the main track at 5:25 a.m. It is said that the brakeman supposed that the freight train would now move. He ran back to open the switch, but before the cars had begun to move the second section of the fast express came west at the rate of fifty-five miles an hour, and before the brakeman could turn the switch crashed into the sidetrack and collided with the freight train. The wreck is complete, and the houses for miles around are filled with the dead and wounded.
The list of killed is as follows:
J. H. McKENNA, butcher, of Hyde Park, Mass.
HARRY FRENCH, 13 years old, member of the Orphans Bell Ringers, London, Eng.
CHARLES BERBO, San Francisco.
MISS ALICE H. REED, East Boston, Mass.
Conductor JAMES COULTER, of the passenger train.
Engineer JOHN GREENE, Ashley, Ind.
WARREN G. RIDER, Phoenix, Ariz. Territory.
P. C. ZELLE, Berlin, Germany.
Baggagemaster LYONS.
JAMES D. ROUNDY, La Moille, Iowa.
The injured are:
MRS. E. W. BURBANK, New Orleans, 60 years old, arms and one leg broken, jaw bone fractured, will die.
WILLIAM ADAMS, 14 years old, London, England, member Orphans Bell Ringers, both legs broken, injured internally, will die.
MISS HATTIE HUTCHINS, Phoenix, Ariz. Territory, bruised about head and injured internally, recovery doubtful.
Fireman BARBER, of Ashley, on passenger train, leg broken and severely burned, recovery doubtful.
H. J. VATKENEY, fireman on the freight train, burned and scalded about head and breast, may die.
WILLIAM J. HASKINS, 14 years old, London, England, compound fracture of right leg, left shoulder broken, recovery doubtful.
EDWARD RUSH, 15 years old, London, England, bruised about body, head cut.
SWIEN CANFIELD, Ironwood, Mich., bruised about head and shoulder dislocated.
MRS. L. CANFIELD, Ironwood, Mich., left arm broken, shoulder dislocated and head badly cut.
H. W. RYDER, Phoenix, Ariz. Territory, head cut and leg bruised, but not seriously.
G. S. RODGSON, Dover, N.H., teeth knocked out, arm fractured, and legs bruised.
MRS. S. A. SEAVLY, Somerville, head cut and arm dislocated.
ALBERT MORTON, 12 years old, London, Eng., arm hurt and two deep scalp wounds.
FRANK P. DOW, Fair Haven, Wash., face cut and hip dislocated.
JAMES G. WOOKLY, London, Eng., head cut and back injured.
Engineer WHITMAN, on freight engine, right arm broken and badly burned, seriously injured but may recover.
MISS HATTIE ROGERS, Phoenix, Ariz. Territory, left leg fractured and injured internally.
MRS. DOLBER, 458 Green Avenue, Brooklyn, leg fractured and cut about the head.
MISS OLIVE HILL, Summersorth, N.H., injured internally and head cut.

Sterling Standard Illinois 1893-09-28