Kinsey, IN Train Wreck, Aug 1895


A Sad Accident Occurs on the Nickel Plate

William Fox, Son of the Agent at Kenzie [sic], Meets a Horrible Death.
--- Other Casualties

A sad accident occured last Saturday at an early hour at Kenzie [sic], a small station west of this city on the Nickel Plate road. William Fox, the nineteen year-old son of
Station Agent L.C. Fox attempted to board freight train No 39, west bound, to ride a short distance. He caught hold of the handle bar on a freight car but was thrown under the wheels and horribly mutilated, living but a few moments. Both arms and a leg were cut off and he received internal injuries of a fatal nature. The young man was very popular and known to the trainmen all along the line.

Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 21 Aug 1895