Pine, IN Train Goes Through Bridge, Jan 1888


Chicago, Jan. 31. -- A freight train on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railroad, going east, went through a bridge at Pine, Ind., twenty miles east of Chicago. The engine and ten cars were wrecked. One car loaded with naphtha and the others laden with coal, caught fire, and at last reports were burning. The flames communicated to surrounding property and a call for hose carts was sent in to the Chicago fire department. A brakeman named COULTER, of Fort Wayne, Ind., is reported to have been killed. An engineer is authority for the belief that several bodies are under the wreck. The disaster occurred, it is said, on Sunday at nine a.m., and the railroad authorities tried in vain to control the fire until compelled at last to appeal to the Chicago fire department.
Another story says that this alleged attempt to keep the accident a secret caused a double disaster. A second freight train is said to have attempted to cross the broken bridge and plunged down on the first wreck, killing several men at work there, and also the entire crew of the last train. The latest report says that four men are known to be dead and as many more believed to be buried beneath the wreck.

The Elyria Democrat Ohio 1888-02-02