Aurora, IN Flood, Jan 1907

Part of Aurora Flooded.

Aurora, Ind., Jan. 20. – This city was last night entirely cut off from railroad or traction connection with the outside world, although the telephone and telegraph wires were still working. The people can only get in or out of the city by boat.

The last train to arrive was the Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern accommodation, which had to feel its way along tracks covered in several places by water. The telegraph office is surrounded by water and has to be reached by boat.

The city gas plant shut down because of the flood. There is serious danger of a shortage in oil on account of the sudden increase in the demand. Danger of shortage has been further enhanced by the toppling over of the big Standard Oil tanks undermined by the flood.

Meanwhile, the waters continue to advance, and the whole business section of the town has been invaded. About 1,800 in all were rendered homeless by the flood, but those whose homes are still high and dry are generously throwing them open to the refugees. Great suffering is threatened in case of a sudden cold snap.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 21 Jan 1907