Advance, IN Young Girl Saves Train, Dec 1901


From the Chicago Chronicle:

Crawfordsville, Ind.----Jessie Earl, a 13-year-old girl of Advance, a small station west of here, perhaps saved the lives of many people Monday night by flagging the east-bound passenger train on the Chicago & Southwestern railroad.

Jesse was on her way home from school, having a mile to walk along the railroad. When she had walked half the distance she came to a trestle which was on fire.

Before she could find any one to give the alarm she heard the whistle of the east-bound passenger train, which was coming down the grade at full speed.

Dropping her basket, the little one rushed down the track and by frantic waving of her apron attracted the attention of the engineer, who brought the train to a stop. The crew found that the burning trestle would have succumbed had the train rushed upon it.

The crew and passengers almost smothered the little one with congratulations for her brave act and gave her many mementoes as rewards for saving the train from plunging into the creek, 30 feet below.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 16 Dec 1901