Madison, IN Dreadful Railroad Accident, Mar 1844


A melancholy accident occurred at Madison, Indiana, on the 28th of March, which is thus described in a letter to the editor of the Cincinnati Chronicle:

On Thursday afternon[sic] at 4 P.M., when the passenger cars arrived at Madison, at the head of the inclined plane, they had a wood car, heavily loaded with wood, attached. It is usual in descending the plane, to detach the wood and freight cars, and bring them just to the head of the plain, wait till the passengers have gone down.

In this instance the way was slippery, and when the wood car was brought to the head of the plane, and the passenger car descending, the former, accidentally got under headway, and running with great velocity, struck the passenger car and dashed it into pieces -- leaving four persons killed, and five very badly wounded.

The following were the names of the persons killed and wounded, viz:
MR. BUNDRANT, of Madison, killed.
ENOCHS, of Bloomington College do.
BRUNSON, of Wheeling (Va.) do.
DELNER, of Brownstown (Ia.) do.
ROBERTS, of Madison, limb broken.
LOCKARD, do do
MR. CRANE, of Brownstown do.
_________, of Columbus do.

The dead were killed instantly, and the others have all some limb broken. MISS CRAIG'S was amputated yesterday afternoon.

The Republican Compiler Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1844-04-08