Montpelier, IN Empire Glycerine Works Explosion, Dec 1896


Nitro Glycerine[sic] Causes a Fatal Accident---Blown to Pieces.


Henry Adams and George Hickok Blown to Pieces at Montpelier.

A special from Monpelier, Ind., says that GEORGE HICKOK, a well shooter, and HARRY WOODS, helper, were killed there to-day by an explosion of glycerine[sic] at the magazine of the Empire Glycerine[sic] company. Windows for several miles around were shattered and the magazine building was completely demolished.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 23 Dec 1896



Terrible Fate of Two Men in Indiana---Nitro-Glycerin Explodes.

Huntington, Ind., Dec. 24.---GEORGE HICKOK and HARRY WOOD, two oil well drillers, were blown to pieces south of this city Wednesday by the explosion of 300 quarts of nitro-glycerin which they were unloading from a wagon. Their horses and wagon were also scattered in fragments. The only remains found were a piece of arm and two ribs. Hickok lived in Montpelier and leaves a family. Wood was single, and his home was in Lima, O.

Stevens Point Daily Journal, Stevens Point, WI 24 Dec 1896