Indiana Lightning Storms, Aug 1924


(By United Press)

Indianapolis, Ind. – Two violent rain and hail storms, accompanied by high winds swept Indiana late yesterday and last night, killing five persons, injuring a dozen others and causing heavy property damage.

Telephone and telegraph wires were blown down and crops were riddled by the huge hailstones.

William Erwin, 50 and Russell Steinbach, 21, laborers, were killed when lightning struck a steam shovel under which they had taken shelter near Lafayette. Twelve other workmen were stunned and burned by the bolt.

Frank Putek, 11, and John Dragenitz, 11, were killed by lightning as they were returning from a fishing trip near South Bend.

The fifth victim, Carl Loveless, 15, was hit by lightning at Petersburg.

Practically the entire state felt the fury of the two storms.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 9 Aug 1924