Carlisle, IN Area Tornado, Mar 1917

Farming District South of Carlisle Also Hit by Storm and Two Persons Die

Carlisle, Ind., March 26,----Two persons were killed, three seriously injured and a dozen less seriously hurt when a tornado devastated a thickly populated farming district south of Carlisle late Friday. The storm swept a district eight miles long and one-half mile wide. Wesley Hines was killed when his home was wrecked and a son, four years old, was probably fatally hurt. Mrs. William Norris died of her of her injuries. The property damage is estimated at $200,000.

The Grand Rapids Tribune, Grand Rapids, WI 29 Mar 1917


The first one, early in the afternoon, swept over the southeast part of Sullivan county, missing Carlisle by only a mile, and killed one man and injured seriously ten or more persons, mainly children. Many farmhouse and barns were destroyed and two school houses were wrecked.

In Sullivan county, the names of the victims as far as could be learned are: Dead--- WESLEY HINES, age forty-five.

Seriously injured---Victoria Sartor, of Indianapolis: Mrs. Wesley Hines; Frank Hines, aged six; Muriel Hines, age eighteen; George Adams, age fifty-five; seven year old child named Wilson, W. A. Deiss.

The Iowa City Citizen, Iowa City, IA 24 Mar 1917