Montpelier, IN Train Wreck, Sept 1895

Charles Emons Struck by a Wabash Train Today.

And Dies From His Injuries--George Clough Killed by Dynamite Explosions.

THE SENTINEL this morning received a special telegram from Montpelier, Ohio, giving an account of a sad accident on the Detroit division of the Wabash. The telegram dispatch reads as follows:

"As train 57, in charge of Engineer Myers and Conductor Huey, due here at 5:25 this morning was pulling into this station twenty-seven minutes late from the Detroit division of the Wabash, and when some 200 feet distant, it struck Charles Emons, crushing him in the side of his skull and knocking him senseless, from which he did not recover, but died four hours afterward. He was walking up the track with B. Fisher, who told him to look out, but instead of doing this he turned, and the engineer hit him. There is no fault to be found with the railroad company, as the engine bell was ringing and the warning whistle was blown. He was twenty-eight years old and leaves a wife and children.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 9 Sept 1895