Anderson, IN Auto Accidents, May 1917


Newcastle and Summitville Residents Motor Victims----Auto Hits Girl Stepping Off Car.

(Special to The Indianapolis Star.)

ANDERSON, Ind., May 27.----Eleven persons were injured, three of them perhaps fatally, in a series of motor accidents in and near Anderson today.

The most seriously injured are:

MISS MADELINE YOUNCE, 13 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Younce of Newcastle; skull fractured and neck wrenched.

MRS. J. M. KAUFMAN of Summitville; spine injured.

EBEN THOMAS, 85 years old, of Summitville; bruised and suffering from shock on account of age.

Goes Over In Ditch.

The Younce girl was injured when her father's machine skidded and turned over in a ditch three miles west of Anderson while the family was en route to Elwood. Her brother Donald, 8 years old, suffered concussion of the brain and is in a serious condition. Mr. and Mrs. Younce were scratched and bruised.

Mrs. Kaufman and Mr. Thomas were injured when a machine driven by Frank Jones of Summitville was struck by a Big Four passenger train at the Noble street crossing while Jones was trying to turn around. Miss Iris Kaufman, daughter of Mrs. Kaufman, was hurt slightly and Mr. and Mrs. Jones were injured slightly.

Hit Getting Off Car.

Miss Ila True, 16 years old, was frightfully injured when she was hit by an automobile while getting off a street car. Her left arm was broken, her left ear was torn off and her face was lacerated. The driver of the automobile sped away after the accident but the police obtained his number.

Earl Epply, 18 years old, was bruised about the head when a motorcycle he was riding was struck by an automobile at a street crossing.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 28 May 1917