Henryville, IN Dynamite Explosion, Jan 1907

Explosion of Dynamite

An Unusual Explosion

Henryville, Ind., Jan. 25. -- An explosion at the home of George Kallenbach today caused much property loss besides injury to members of the family. Mr. Kallenbach carried a box which contained some dynamite to his home, and some little chickens were placed in the box, after which it was set on the stove. The box became too hot and there was an explosion, which tore the stove to fragments and knocked out the glass in the windows all over the house. Two of the children were seriously hurt. One child of five years has an eye torn from its socket, while his forehead was badly cut by a fragment of the stove. Every member of the family was more or less injured.

Elkhart Daily Review, Elkhart, IN 25 Jan 1907