Seymour, IN Two Car Crash Kills Five, Nov 1956


Indianapolis (INS) - A collision which killed five persons dominated a ghastly Friday in which nine traffic fatalities occurred in Indiana within a seven-hour period.
The five killed in a collision Friday night on U.S. 31 between Columbus and Seymour which involved two automobiles and a truck were:
MISS ALVADEEN ROLLINS, 22, of Indianapolis;
MISS JUDITH A. SHIMP, 22, of Indianapolis;
RUBY HICKEY, 19, of Indianapolis;
BRICE WILSON, 38, of Louisville, Ky.;
ORVILLE BURTON, 30, of Louisville, Ky.
State Police said a convertible driven by MISS ROLLINS skidded and hit a car driven by WILSON as he was passing a truck. The truck struck the wreckage of the two cars before it could halt.

Three Injured.
Three persons were injured in the three-vehicle crash. They were MRS. HAZEL WILSON; her son, BOBBY LEDRUN, 14; and BURTON'S widow, PAULINE, all of Louisville, Ky. MRS. WILSON is listed as critical and the other two are in fair condition.
The truck driver, Richard D. Posey, 30, of Chicago, was not hurt.
The three Indianapolis girls were en route to Chattanooga, Tenn., to visit Miss Rollins' grandmother.

Tipton Daily Tribune Indiana 1956-11-17