Speedway, IN Air Products Plant Explosion, Dec 1959


Indianapolis - (UPI) - Two men were killed and another was injured today when an explosion shook a building of the Linde Air Products Co. plant in suburban Speedway.
The explosion occurred shortly after 10 a.m. EST in a department where between 15 and 20 men were at work.
Plant spokesmen indicated the three men were testing a flux powder dispenser when the blast happened.
The dead were LLOYD LAWRENCE, Indianapolis and JOSEPH BUYDOS, 30, Speedway.
Injured was WILBUR C. MONEY, Speedway.
LAWRENCE was an employee of the American Casting Co., BUYDOS was a Linde production planner, MONEY is a Linde inspector.
Speedway patrolman William Berry said MONEY was able to give him an account of the explosion. He was apparently not hurt badly.

Testing Tanks.
MONEY told Berry the three were testing flux dispenser tanks which are supposed to hold pressure up to 100 pounds to the square inch. He said the regulator on the compressed air equipment let too much air in and the top flew off.
BUYDOS and LAWRENCE were killed outright.
The explosion occurred in a steel tank three feet high which stands on legs and has a pressure cooker-type cap on top and gauges indicating the air pressure.
The Linde plant is a division of Union Carbide & Carbon Corp. It makes oxygen tanks, acetylene tanks and welding equipment.
The blast was the third at the firm in three and one-half years, and the second this year. No one was hurt in a 1958 explosion but two employees were injured in a blast last May 14.
BUYDOS and LAWRENCE apparently were bent over the tank when it exploded in their faces. The brass lid popped 40 feet into the air and hit a steel beam.

Linton Daily Citizen Indiana 1959-12-04