Hagerstown, IN Tornado, Mar 1917

Richmond, Ind., March 12.-- Two children were killed and a man fatally injured Sunday afternoon in western Wayne county, when the tornado that swept Newcastle traveled southeast toward Hagerstown, sixteen miles west of Richmond. The home of Ernest Gray was wrecked and two of his four children killed. Gray and the surviving children were not seriously hurt.

Olan Smith, a farmer, stepped from his door to watch the approaching storm and was caught in the revolving air shaft, carried nearly 150 feet and dropped in a pond. He will die from his injuries. A dozen farm houses and barns were destroyed.

The Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 12 Mar 1917


Richmond, Ind., March 12. -- The death toll of yesterday's tornado in Wayne county was increased to four early today when it became known that two unidentified laborers on the farm of Clint Milliken, near Hagerstown, had been killed. The two children, aged 3 and 5, of Harvey Gray, a farmer of the same neighborhood were reported killed last night. Ora Smith, a farmer, who was hurled 100 feet through the air, dropping in a pond, sustaining a broken back, was not expected to live.

Hagerstown is sixteen miles west of Richmond and the storm that struck there is believed to have been the same on that wrought such havoc at Newcastle. The roads south and west of Hagerstown were blocked with fallen trees and telephone poles and wires an it was hard to get information from the stricken section. A number of farm houses were wrecked and the damage will run into thousands of dollars.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 12 Mar 1917