Lafayette, IN Parachute Accident, Jul 1905


Crowd at Lafayette Sees Parachute Jumper Nearly Dragged to Death.

Aeronaut Fatally Injured.

LAFAYETTE, Ind., July 5. – By the failure of his parachute to break loose from the balloon at the proper time “Jack” Winters, an aeronaut who made an ascension at the fair grounds yesterday afternoon, received injuries that probably will result in his death. Winters ascended to a height of 2,000 feet and there cut away a small parachute beneath him, to which was harnesses a pet dog. Then he tried to beak loose himself, but the ropes became twisted and he was unable to free the large parachute. He drifted a mile from the crowd that was watching the thrilling fight and then the balloon began to descend rapidly. Winters could be seen struggling to get away from the balloon. He had tied himself in the parachute and came down rapidly to the earth. He struck the ground on his neck and the balloon rose again to a height of several hundred feet. Then it descended and trailed along the ground, dragging Winters through fields and woods. When picked up Winters was bleeding from the ears and was unconscious. He was taken to a nearby house, and physicians said that he had received a concussion of the brain and a spinal injury. He is 26 years old and unmarried. He came here form his home in Jacksonville, Ill. A few weeks ago he narrowly escaped death at Greensburg.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 5 Jul 1902