Brownstown, IN Coal Oil Explosion & Fire, Feb 1904

Brownstown Banner newspaper, Brownstown, IN
Wednesday 10 February 1904;Front Page, Column 2


Mrs. John Selfridge of Hamilton Township Cremated

Mrs. John Selfridge, residing with her son Henry in the north-east corner of Hamilton township, about five miles north of Seymour, met a horrible death last Friday morning.

Mr. Selfridge and sons had gone to work leaving the old lady and her granddaughter, aged fourteen, at the house. It seems that Mrs. Selfridge had started a fire with coal oil, which resulted in an explosion and ignited her clothing.

Her granddaughter tried to smother the flames with a quilt, but being unsuccessful tried to drag the unconscious woman out of the house, which was then burning, but she was too heavy and the girl ran out and gave the alarm.

Before help could arrive the fire had gained such headway, that it was impossible to enter the building and the old lady was cremated.

Mrs. Selfridge was 84 years of age and was highly respected.
Letisha Selfridge
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