Farmer's Death Rusults From Small Splinter - Oscar Hehman

Seymour Daily Republican newspaper, Seymour, IN
Saturday 31 August 1929; Front Page, Column 4

Tetanus Is Fatal to Oscar Hehman


Prominent Cortland Farmer's Death Results from Small Splinter in Finger


No Symptoms and Fatal Disease Unsuspected for Almost One Week

Tetanus, resulting from a splinted in the little finger of his left hand, caused the death of Oscar Hehman, 32 years old, Friday night at 11:20 o'clock, at Schneck memorial Hospital, after an illness of only four days. Mr. Hehman who a prominent farmer living west of Cortland, ran a small splinter in is hand on Tuesday, August 20, but thought nothing of it at the time, as it caused him no trouble.
There were no symptoms evident at any time until the following Sunday, when the tiny wound festered. Mr. Hehman opened it with his pocket knife, and the splinter came out.

Tuesday he was bothered with sore jaws, a sore throat and a tooth ache, and he consulted a physician, that night. The splinter was not mentioned, so the presence of the dread disease was not suspected. Wednesday morning he was unable to eat and shortly after going to the barn to start the day's work he collapsed and was put to bed. His physician then learned of the splinter, which with the sore jaws, clearly indicated what the trouble was. Serum to counteract the poison was injected, and Thursday he was brought to Schneck Memorial Hospital, with jaws locked and muscles rigid. Had the wound been disinfected in time or the serum been injected soon enough it is probable that Mr. Hehman night have recovered.

Mr. Hehman was born, March 11, 1897, in Hamilton, Jackson County, the son of Frederick and Elizabeth Dinkelman Hehman. The father was born in Hanover, Germany. Both of his parents are living. He was not married, but he has five surviving brothers and two sisters. They are: Theodore Hehman, St. Bernice; Martin Hehman, Hiawatha, Kansas; Edward, George and Albert Hehman, all of Jackson County; Mrs. Walter Lunte, Seymour, and Mrs. Ray White, Hamilton township.

The deceased was a member of Immanuel Lutheran church of this city. Funeral services will be held at the home at 1:00 o'clock Monday afternoon and at the church at 2:00 o'clock, with the Rev. E. H. Eggers in charge. Burial will be in Riverview.

Oscar Hehman
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