Madison, IN Rain Storm And Flooding, Aug 1846


A terrible storm of rain occurred at Madison, Indiana on the third of August last. An extra from the Banner gives full particulars of this destructive calamity.
Crooked Creek, a very small stream running parallel with the Ohio River, between the high hills in the rear of the city, rose above its banks; and the "bottom," or "commons," between the Michigan road and the high ground upon which the city is built, was soon converted into a lake or broad river.
The culverts under the Railroad embankment, across the hollow at the lower end of the city, was choked up with property, houses, &c. The waters dammed up to a great depth, and then broke through the artificial hill, producing a terrible flood.
All the bridges across Crooked Creek were swept off, and nearly all the property in the immediate vicinity of its banks was either entirely destroyed or greatly injured.
MESSRS. JACOB SHUH, WHITNEY and HENDRICKS and MITCHELL and McNAUGHTEN are among the greater sufferers. The loss of property is estimated by some at $100,000, and by others at less. The worst remains to be told.
It is certain that nine persons lost their lives by this flood, viz:
MR. WALKER and child, drowned in "Eagle Hollow."
MRS. JUDGE and two children, in "Irish Hollow."
MRS. SCOTT (daughter of MR. COTTOM), swept off from her dwelling between Mulberry and West Streets.
Three colored people -- CHARLOTTE, EDWARD and ISRAEL.
It is described as an awful and sublime spectacle, household furniture, came whirling along, as though they were mere bubbles, or feathers, floating in the air.

Janesville Gazette Wisconsin 1846-09-26