Whiting, IN Oil Company Explosion, Aug 1947


Whiting, Ind. -- (AP) -- An explosion rocked a portion of the Standard Oil Co., of Indiana's plant early Thursday, causing the company to lose 24,000 barrels daily capacity in processing crude oil, company officials said.
One worker, JULIUS KOPAZ, 52, of Whiting was missing as firemen fought flames which at first were brought under control, then broke out again several hours later. Three workers, injured slightly, were given first aid treatment and returned to their jobs.
The explosion, which occurred in a pump house serving the company's No. 5 and 6 pipe stills, was heard for a radius of a mile from the blast. Within 2 hours, flames which followed the explosion were reported under control, but fire broke out again around 9 a.m. Company officials, however, said they believed plant firemen could curb the flames.
A company spokesman estimated damage at $75,000, and said that the cut in daily crude oil capacity necessitated by the damage was doubly severe because it was added to destruction of another daily 24,000 barrels capacity suffered in another fire 3 weeks ago.

Burlington Hawk-Eye Gazette Iowa 1947-08-28