Coatesville, IN Train Wreck, Jan 1895


Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 28. A terrible wreck, causing loss of life and maimed limbs, occurred at Coatesville, at 2 o'clock this afternoon when Vandatia train No. 20 due in this city at 2:35 was wrecled bu the spreading of the rails. Two persons were killed almost instantly and from thirty to forty were seriously injured.

On a curve, the private car of President R. W. McKEEN, which was in the rear, jumped the track. This was followed by the parlor car and the ladies car. All went off the track, the two rear cars going down the embankment ten feet before the train could be stopped. The smoker left the track, but did not go over. The two rear cars caught fire, but the flames were extinguished when the work of rescue began.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1895-01-29