Columbia City, IN Train Wreck, Apr 1947

Crack Train Leaves Rails

Columbia City, Ind., April 7-(AP)-Derailment of the Pennsylvania railroad’s eastbound Gotham Limited at a cross-over switch here early today left the locomotive and thirteen cars of the fifteen-car train strewn in a staggered pileup but no one was killed only six of the 100 persons aboard suffered serious injuries.

Fifteen injured persons were taken to two hospitals in Fort Wayne but nine of them were treated and released during the day.

Remaining in the hospital were: Mrs. Joseph Schneider, 48, (4784 Cypress St.) Pittsburgh, with head and back injuries; her daughter, Miss Anna Mariet Schneider, 28, also with head and back injuries; Vernol Stauffer, 66, Forest, O., mail clerk, fractured right leg; Mrs. Paul Lake, Decatur, Ill., back and leg injuries; Grover Amica, 39, (316 136th St.) New York, right arm and back injuries; and William Fountain, 27, Pittsburgh, head and back injuries.

In all about 40 passengers suffered injuries but many of them were treated in the city hall here and then were taken by bus to Fort Wayne to continue to their destinations by other trains.

The Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH 8 Apr 1947