Batesville, IN Train Wreck, Oct 1907


Batesville, Ind., Oct. 29 -- A costly freight wreck occurred at the tower just east of Batesville. No. 96, a through east-bound freight train, ran into No. 67, a through west-bound freight. No. 96 was in the clear on the east-bound track to permit the midnight express, which was behind time, to pass, and No. 96 had orders to stop at the tower for the same purpose. The operator signalled the engineer of No. 96, but he thundered on without stopping until he dashed into No. 67 and piled up seven cars in a splintered mass. The wreck caught fire, and in the face of a brisk breeze, it burned rapidly. Three cars were totally consumed, and the engine of No. 96 was badly damaged. R. E. CASE of Guilford, thirty years old, and a man of family, brakeman on No. 96, was crushed to death under a car truck, and his body was only rescued from cremation by heroic work of citizens.

The Evening Herald Montpelier Indiana 1907-10-29