Tipton, IN Trolley Crash, Feb 1904


Tipton, Ind., Feb. 29 -- Seven persons were injured in a collision on the northern division of the Indiana Union Traction company near this city last night, between a work train "special" carrying twenty-eight laborers and a limited interurban car, comfortably filled with passengers.
The injured are:
H. CLIFFORD, motorman; arm broken, face badly cut.
OSCAR DUCKWORTH, Tipton, Ind.; fatally injured internally.
B. HAMILTON, Linwood, Ind.; seriously cut on head.
E. PAXTON, Anderson,; seriously; injured internally.
E. S. RUSSELL, Tipton, Ind.; Leg broken; injured about head and face; will recover.
J. G. SIMMONS, Hobbs, Ind.; fatally; injured internally.
W. S. SCOTT, passenger, Anderson; arm and leg broken.
The cause of the wreck is attributed to the faulty headlight on the work train, which was being remedied when the limited crashed into it. Both cars were demolished.

The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette Iowa 1904-02-29