Kokomo, IN Auto Hits Blind Man, Aug 1930

Auto Hits Blind Man

Frank Dwiggins Severely Injured In Accident Late Saturday

Frank Dwiggins, a blind man living at 1333 South Main street, was severely injured about three o’clock Saturday afternoon when struck by an automobile as he was waiting for a street car at the intersection of Main and Monroe Streets. A passing motorist removed him to the office of Dr. J.S. Flora, where his injuries were attended.

It was reported to police that the motorist whose car struck Mr. Dwiggins, stopped his machine after the accident but failed to give his name and did not inquire of Mr. Dwiggins as to whether or not he had been injured. Dwiggins was found to have suffered an injury to his left knee and an X-ray examination disclosed that the bone in the left leg had been splintered.

Kokomo Tribune, Kokomo, IN 25 Aug 1930