Fort Wayne, IN Train Accident, Aug 1896


A Motorman Plunged in Darkness Near a Sharp Curve

Three Ladies Bruised and Theodore Schuler Drops Into the Canal.

Sunday about 2000 excursionists from Pennsylvania points were entertained at Robison park and nothing occurred to mar the pleasure of their outing.

Last evening about 3,000 Fort Wayneites visited the park and the transportation to and from the park was perfect till 8:40 o’clock, when the arch electric lamp which illuminates the abrupt curve at the point north of Centilivre brewery where the track crosses the canal on the iron bridge. At this time Mororman Cox, an extra man, was piloting car No. 87 from Robison park to the city with eighteen passengers on board. Just before he reached the abrup [sic] curve he slackened speed some and was peering ahead for the light which marks the curve. The light was out and the wheel struck the curve too speedily to cling to the rails. The forward end of the car bounded from the steel rails and stopped suddenly on the ties between the tracks. The suddenness of the stop pitched four passengers from the car onto the ties. They were Mrs. F. A. Rider, Mrs. Frank Riblet, Mrs. Charles Flinn and Theodore J. Schuler. Schuler rolled from the ties into the canal, but was speedily rescued by passengers. Aside from the effects of a wild plunge into the water he was not injured, as he was at work this morning. The three ladies were slightly bruised and scratched. Mrs. Flinn had a slight scalp wound.

The angle at which the curve is pitched and guarded prevented a more serious accident. The curve is an abrupt on but it so constructed as to prevent any serious mishap. The cars were turning as usual over the curve last night after the accident. The company will put in incandescent lamps to suplement [sic] the arch light which for some reason failed last night. This will preclude the possibility of another similar accident and will make the trip to the park easy of accomplishment and will make passengers feel perfectly at their ease while on the journey.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 3 Aug 1896