Kokomo, IN Truck Accident, Aug 1930

Two Men Have Lucky Escape South Of City

An Indianapolis Truck Turns Over on State Road 31 Saturday Morning.

Two young men, Warren Boone, 1217 South Sheffield Street, and William Hall, 770 North Tremont Street, both of Indianapolis, had a fortunate escape from serious injury or possible death, when a truck in which they were riding turned completely over about eleven o’clock Saturday morning. The accident occurred on state road No. 31 near the Pleasant Grove church which is about six miles south of the city.

Hail was driving the truck north at an estimated speed of 38 miles an hour and Boone was asleep at the time of the mishap. According to Hall, in some manner, the front hub of the truck was struck by the rear hub cap of a passing sedan, driving by J. A. Phemister, also of Indianapolis.

While the impact did not cause the Phemister car any trouble, the front wheels of the truck were turned toward the ditch and before Hall could regain control of the machine, it had skidded sideways and turned completely over, landing on the wheels. Both Hall and Boone were thrown clear of the wreck.

Phemister stated that he did not realize anything had happened until he saw the truck upset in his rear-view mirror. He stopped at once, picked up the two men and brought them to the Kokomo clinic where Boone’s injuries were treated. It was found that Boone’s left hand was lacerated and his right leg had received painful contusions. Hall was not hurt.

Riding in the Phemister car were his wife and daughter and Mrs. Leroy S. Hawkins of South Bend and daughter. The party was enroute to South bend and left here after rendering all assistance possible.

The truck which was badly damaged, was the property of Lionel Gephart, Indianapolis produce merchant. It was loaded with fresh fruit and bound for Warsaw. The produce was strewn for some distance along the toad and will probably be a total loss.

Both Boone and Hall were able to return to their homes in Indianapolis in the afternoon.

Kokomo Tribune, Kokomo, IN 23 Aug 1930