Bedford, IN Train Wreck, Jun 1882

Train Wrecked.

Nearly Every One on Board More or Less Injured.

Bedford, Ind., June 16.- The regular northbound passenger train on the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago railroad met with a serious accident about four miles south of this place about twelve o’clock yesterday. The train was late, and was running fast to make up time. Nearing the White river bridge, the rear coach jumped the track and rolled down a steep embankment, pulling the other coach and the engine, tender and mail and baggage cars with it. The engine also jumped the track, but lodged about half-way down the embankment. Word was sent to this place; but before a special train, containing physicians and nurses, could reach the wreck, all the passengers had been removed from the broken cars, and the wounded were being cared for. There were thirty-five or forty passengers on the train, but all were more or less injured.

The following is a list of the killed and injured:

Dead—JOHN CARMONY, engineer.

Injured—MISS HAHHAH FOWLER, of New Albany, Ind., hand crushed; DR. LEACHMAN, of Louisville, slightly; MRS. JANE JONES, of Paoli, Ind., not seriously; MRS. SEMIRA B. JONES, Paoli, slightly; MR. SCHRIVER, wife and two children, slightly; MRS. WOOLFSON, of Louisville, and her two children, slightly.

Other persons were injured, but not seriously. All the injured passengers were brought to this city, and with two or three exceptions, resumed their journey.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 17 Jun 1882