Osgood, IN Train Wreck, Jan 1860

Jan 16, 1860

Accident On The Ohio & Mississippi Railroad - A Sleeping-Car Precipitated Down An Embankment.

"This day a sleeping-car, attached to the night express train on the Ohio & Mississippi Railroad, three miles east of Osgood, Ind., was precipitated down an embankment ten feet high. The car was full of passengers, three or four of whom were women, and, strange to say, notwithstanding it made a complete somerset, no one was seriously injured.

The cause of the accident is not certainly known. The track at the place seemed to be in good condition, and, as the car did not capsize until it had gone forward about twenty feet, after leaving the rails, it could not have resulted from a slight curve in the road at that point. The forward trucks were found disconnected from the car, after it had turned over.

Every berth in the car was occupied at the time; and it is almost miraculous that the passengers should have escaped with such trifling injuries. Stoves, baggage, bedding, and people were tumbled in one confused mass, and the car left a complete wreck.

Vincent's Semi-annual United States Register, Jan-Jun 1860 page 45