Indianapolis, IN Drownings, Jul 1907

Three Meet Death In Water

One Woman Drowned in Presenct [sic] of Her Husband

Recover Body After Long Search in River

Indianapolis, Aug. 1. –Three persons, all unable to swim, have been drowned here.

The excessive heat has made bathing a favorite pastime and during the afternoons the banks of the river and small streams are lined with bathers.

Those who can not swim find it a temptation to “go in” even when they know that the water is deep and dangerous because of the “step-offs.”

It was a treacherous “step off” that caused MRS. NELLIE HUSSEY, twenty-two years old, to be drowned in the river at Haverstick’s grove, north of Broad Ripple.

She went down in the presence of her husband, FRANK HUSSEY, to whom she had been married but a short time and several of her friends and relatives who stood on the bank.

The Husseys live in the country about four miles northwest of Nora, in the northern part of the county and north of Broad Ripple.

Picnic Party
A picnic party was arranged for yesterday and Mr. and Mrs. Hussey, Emil Whittinger, Homer Jessup and William, Laura, Gretchen and Amy Jessup brother and sisters, went to Haverstick’s in a closed kindergarten wagon.
Shortly after 1 o’clock Mrs. Hussey and her cousin, WILLIAM JESSUP donned bathing suits and went into the water.

About twelve feet from the shore is a “step-off” and without knowing of the danger the woman stepped off into the deep water. Jessup saw her floundering and went to her assistance.

He could swim only a little and as the girl seized him he was almost helpless. The two went down with the girl’s arms locked tightly about those of the young man.

Under the water Jessup struggled free and with much exertion reached the shallow water.

Body Recovered
The girl disappeared before assistance could be given her. Attorney CASS CONNAWAY, who is camping with his family at Terrace Beach, opposite Haverstick’s paddled to the place quickly and took charge of the work of recovering the body.

With a barbed wire taken from a fence he found the body after searching nearly and hour. A telephone call had been sent to Broad Ripple, and Dr. Bennett worked some time to resuscitate the woman.

The efforts were futile, and the body was carried up the hill, where it was laid in a tent until the arrival of an undertaker from Carmel, about two hours later.

Grief Stricken
The grief stricken picnickers drove back to their homes in the wagon.
E. Borton and family, of 937 North Alabama street, are camping on the river just above where the woman went down. They were at dinner when they heard screams.

Emmor Barton and Carlos J. Barton, who were clad in bathing suits, ran to the rver’s [sic} edge, and were told that a woman was drowning, but no one seemed able to tell them just where she went down.

The two Bortons, both expert swimmers, plunged into the water and sought the body, but after diving ten or fifteen times, there were obliged give up the search.

The Evening News, San Jose, CA 1 Aug 1907